What is it?

The funny way the baby is born makes sense because the game is aimed at a younger audience. However, some people believe that realistic childbirth is not taboo and that children should not be isolated from a normal part of life. If you play The Sims 4 on PC and have this feeling, you should know that there is a mod that makes childbirth more realistic.

This mod adds realistic childbirth options such as natural delivery and planned C-sections. During natural delivery, your Sim will arrive at the hospital, and their water will break; they will go into early labour and can stay at the hospital for up to two days. During their stay, they will receive three moodlets. If you want, you can get an epidural, affecting the type of mood your Sim can get. You can induce labour by going for a walk or bouncing on a birthing ball. PandaSama's Child Birth Mod for The Sims 4 is a realistic pregnancy and childbirth mod. It expands on the game's existing child delivery features by including new ones (that require the Get to Work expansion pack).


Checking for dilation amount, More complex moodlets through pregnancy and birth, Induce labour through various means like Woohoo or bathing, Early labour actions like deep-breathing exercises or being comforted by a partner, Epidural administered by a doctor, Customization around pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum, Turn on/off weight gain after delivery, Choose whether or not Woohoo will induce labour, Decide to wear regular clothing or not during delivery.

Before you can do anything else, you will need first install the Sims 4 realistic birth mod. Make sure script mods are enabled in your game settings, then download and unzip the mod from PandaSama's Patreon. Place the two files in your Mods folder, making sure there is only one subfolder within the Mods folder. So that's it! The mod is now installed! If you are new to mods and CC and require additional assistance, please see our article Getting Started with Mods and CC.

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